We are now over 3 months into the first compliance year for federal Conflict Minerals regulations, and over 6,000 directly impacted companies and thousands of their suppliers are trying to figure out the best way to build and execute an effective compliance plan. By this time, most of those impacted have a good understanding on the background of the legislation and on the key definitions, applicability considerations, and reporting requirements. They are now asking themselves, how do we go about instituting a sustainable supply-chain analysis that either allows us to achieve compliance in 2013 (year 1) and beyond, or else to make representations to those who must achieve compliance? Additionally, forward-looking companies have asked themselves how they can embrace the conflict minerals rules in the context of the corporate social responsibility and sustainability movement, thereby gaining a competitive edge.

On April16, 2013, Crowell & Moring will co-host (along with international consulting firm Resources Global) a webcast that will address many of the key challenges companies are facing including: lessons learned from early adopters and others who have already started down the path to compliance; and practical and opportunistic considerations to apply to your conflict minerals planning and compliance efforts.

Among the speakers are Crowell & Moring attorneys Morris DeFeo and Danielle Sugarman.

To register, please visit this link