Next week, partners Greg Call and Jennifer Romano will present three courses to attendees at the National Retail Tenants Association National Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Greg is a long-time NRTA participant and presenter, and he received the NRTA Founders’ Service Award in 2007.  Greg will be teaching a course entitled “Read the Lease: Operating Cost Clauses,” which will discuss how to carefully read operating cost clauses and related provisions and to understand how the words of the lease govern what landlords may charge.  Topics will include such key issues as management fees and calculating denominators.

Jennifer has presented at the NRTA National Conference for the last five years and is a member of its legal track curriculum committee.  Jennifer will be co-presenting a course entitled “10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Pre-Litigation Disputes.” Some of the topics that will be addressed are preservation of electronic documents, protecting the attorney/client privilege, and avoiding a waiver of claims.

In addition, Greg and Jennifer will co-present a course entitled “Goals, Strategies & Tactics:  Litigating Lease Disputes,” which uses a practical, hands-on approach to teach attendees how to manage and resolve lease disputes from preparing a demand letter to litigating a tenant’s claims.

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