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If you think only corporate America needs to worry about claims substantiation, think again.  As reported in the Washington Post, popular handicrafts sale site Etsy is cracking down on witches and Wiccans for lack of advertising substantiation regarding their claims about potions, charms, magic wands and the like sold on the site.

Etsy, a $1.8-billion marketplace for crafters and creators, is a treasure trove for buyers seeking unique goods not typically found in retail stores and outlets.  But this alternate sales venue is not exempt from the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations requiring accurate and truthful marketing and advertising.  So Etsy has recently started removing products whose makers’ claims are outrageous and unsupported—namely potions, charms, and magic wands.

While these magic-makers are not likely to face costly consumer lawsuits or class actions over their claims, loosing access to this popular sales portal will have a real and immediate impact.  The question is whether they can magically transform their goods into “novelty” items and still attract buyers looking for “Love Potion #9.”

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