On Tuesday, February 26th, the Cardozo FAME Center and the Cardozo Fashion Law Society will host a Symposium focused on “Innovation in Fashion.”

This event will explore the most rapidly changing areas in fashion, and the related legal perspectives. Students, attorneys, businesspeople, and members of the fashion community will come together to discuss the influencing shift from magazines to social media; wearable technology and the use of AI to improve consumers’ experience with fashion; sustainability initiatives; and retail changes from brick-and-mortar/department stores to e-commerce.

Crowell & Moring’s Preetha Chakrabarti will be speaking on the panel, “The New Frontier: Technology in Fashion.” The panel discussion will address how the law is adapting to cutting edge issues, from 3D printers being used to make clothing to the ramifications of wearing AI-enabled smartwatches all day. Questions related to privacy in fashion and design and utility patents will be covered, as well.

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