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The FTC’s enforcement and rulemaking arms have been active this week, with the former resolving actions related to telehealth and student debt relief companies. The agency will also hold a meeting this coming week regarding their much-commented-on proposed noncompete rule. In addition, the House of Representatives advanced a bill to dissolve the Bureau of Competition, the FTC’s division concerned with antitrust issues. These stories and more after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (April 15 – April 19, 2024)

As we close out the last week of March, the FTC updates include highlights from key findings from the International Competition Network on building tech capacity in law enforcement, banning the use of algorithms for price-fixing in the hotel industry, protecting child privacy data from software companies, and seeking information on the contracting practices of large health care organizations and drug wholesalers.  All this, and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (March 18 – 29, 2024)

As we move forward our clocks to adjust for daylight saving time and enter the season of spring, the FTC is keeping quite busy. The FTC held multiple events, proposed various settlement orders, and issued new rules covering a host of industries and topical areas, including healthcare, privacy, and telemarketing. Most importantly, the FTC welcomed Commissioners Ferguson and Holyoak.Continue Reading FTC Updates (February 26 – March 11, 2024)

The FTC celebrates the Valentine’s Day holiday this week by providing warnings to consumers about online romance scams.  Additionally, this week’s updates include the FTC’s warnings to artificial intelligence companies regarding clauses in terms of services, a new tool to combat impersonation scams, and a judgment providing monetary relief for small businesses harmed by cash advance companies. All this, and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (February 12-16, 2024)

The FTC continued its focus on consumer protection matters this week, announcing both finalized orders and consumer refunds in enforcement actions ranging from student debt relief to telemarketing. This, and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (February 5 – February 9, 2024)

The FTC continues to make strides at the start of the new year. The FTC and the Justice Department met with world leaders in the competition space and announced numerous updates to their procedures demonstrating the government’s commitment to remaining up to date with current technology and trends. This, and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (January 22 – January 29, 2024)

The FTC has been active despite being in the midst of the holiday season. The Commission and the DOJ released its 2023 Merger Guidelines as well as a FY 2022 report detailing data on the HSR Premerger Notification Program. The Bureau of Consumer Protection was also active this week. It announced a new report summarizing key takeaways from an October 2023 roundtable examining the impact of generative artificial intelligence. The Commission also announced a new notice of proposed rulemaking and an extension to an existing proposed rulemaking related to consumer protection issues. These stories and more after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (December 18 – December 29, 2023)

Since the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) published its updated 2023 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising earlier this year, consumer reviews have been front of mind. This guidance covers, in part, the treatment of consumer reviews, and companies have been (or should be) preparing for an uptick in FTC enforcement. But it’s not just the FTC to watch out for. A recent wave of class actions arising under California Civil Code § 1670.8 related to a customer’s right to make statements about their experience with a seller has raised the bar for retailers to another level.Continue Reading I Can’t Say What? New Wave of Class Actions Target Consumer Review Terms & Conditions