Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC kicked off the holiday season focusing on deceptive telemarketing practices. The Commission also announced the finalization of a rule targeting deceptive tactics used by salespeople during the car buying process. These stories and more after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (December 11 – December 15, 2023)

The rapid and evolving development of artificial intelligence (“AI”) has alarmed various government agencies, especially the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”).  On November 21, the FTC approved an omnibus resolution simplifying the process for its staff to issue civil investigative demands (“CIDs”) in AI investigations.  This resolution comes on the heels of President Biden’s October executive order establishing new standards for AI safety and security.  Both actions may increase exposure for businesses involved in the use of products and services that use or are produced through AI.  Businesses should be knowledgeable about their use and marketing of AI and ensure their products and conduct do not pose a risk to consumers or competition.Continue Reading Federal Trade Commission: The AI Watchdog

FTC news was light the post-Thanksgiving week, and most press releases provided updates to earlier-reported agency activity. For example, the agency issued refunds to businesses in relation to a 2022 complaint, and testified to Congress as an update to March 2023 testimony. These stories and more after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (November 27 – December 1, 2023)

As we approach the holiday season, the FTC reports the launch of the public comment portal for its proposed rule on junk fees, a request for information on cloud computing, and a public challenge seeking innovative ideas for addressing voice cloning. The Bureau of Consumer Protection announced that it issued warning letters to health influencers for failing to disclose material connections, and that it proposed a settlement order with a communications company for failing to protect sensitive consumer data. All this and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (November 13 – November 17, 2023)

As we enter November and turn our clocks back, the FTC has not slowed its enforcement efforts. The Bureau of Consumer Protection announced multiple settlements resulting in millions in consumer refunds with an apparent focus on the credit, loan, and debt collection industries. Further, the FTC released multiple annual reports including its Do Not Call Registry Data Book. This and more, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (October 30 – November 3, 2023)

The FTC amended the Safeguards Rule to require non-banking institutions to report certain data breaches. Also, the FTC enforced actions against defendants who misleadingly marked up the cost of cars and who falsely claimed that its products could stop harmful bacteria and viruses. More on these updates, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Updates (October 23-27, 2023)

This week the FTC highlighted its report on the prevalence of fraudulent business practices directed at older adults. It also announced that the Agency is seeking public comment on the existing Alternative Fuels Rule. More on these actions, as well as an update on student debt related actions, after the jump.Continue Reading FTC Blog Updates Oct 16-Oct 20