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When Your Toys Talk Back: Children’s Privacy and Safety in an Age of Wired Toys

Posted in Advertising & Product Risk Management, Privacy & Data Protection
First, it was the “Internet of Things” and now it is the “Internet of Dolls.” Mattel, maker of the iconic Barbie doll, has announced plans to introduce “Hello Barbie,” a doll with a Siri-like ability to communicate. The new Barbie, which connects to the cloud through WiFi, can have conversations, tell jokes, and play games… Continue Reading

California Legislature Seeks to Restrict Data Use and Ramp Up Retailer Liability for Data Breaches

Posted in Advertising & Product Risk Management, Consumer Class Action, Privacy & Data Protection
A bill has been introduced in the California legislature that would dramatically increase retailers’ liability for data breaches. Dubbed the “Consumer Data Breach Protection Act,” Assembly Bill 1710 would enact sweeping changes to California’s data breach notification laws, setting short deadlines by which consumers would need to be notified of breaches and increasing the penalties… Continue Reading