Companies incorporated in Delaware have until June 30 to enter into Delaware’s recent Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) program and become compliant with their unclaimed property reporting obligations. Under Delaware law, holders of unclaimed property are subject to audit for all open periods: over 30 years! However, holders that enroll in the Secretary of State’s VDA program by June 30 will be subject to a “limited” lookback period that goes back to 1996 and will be relieved of interest and penalties. By contrast, companies that are audited by the Department of Finance are subject to liability, including interest and penalties, for years dating back as far as 1981. Companies incorporated in Delaware ought to consider the VDA program regardless of where they do business. Moreover, Delaware escheat law is so broad that it potentially covers companies that are incorporated anywhere in the U.S. if the owners of the unclaimed property have certain connections with Delaware.
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